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Difficult Interactions in corporate world

In today’s global business world, interactions with different people from different economic, cultural and educational backgrounds are unavoidable. Practically, you need to interact with your boss, colleagues and clients. If these interactions are handled inefficiently it may result into spoiling relations and this is not something desirable in a business scenario. In fact it can be downright painful too in some cases.

Even if it is a hard job to manage interactions and make them go smooth, the rewards are well worth the efforts. The biggest advantage here is you prevent the situation from escalating into crisis. Secondly, we need to acknowledge that although conflict can be extremely painful, it is a fact of life. Addressing the problem will be a better approach rather than just ignoring it.

Fault of Others?

It is obvious for us to blame it on others. Maybe you are right to some extent! Still the solution lies with you only!! Identifying what you can do to improve situation will get you to the right direction and the solution too.

The problems don’t resolve themselves. We need to make efforts to resolve them patiently. What’s going on inside you, rather than what’s going on between you and the other person becomes a deciding factor in resolving conflict.

Where to invest time and Energy?

Managing difficult interactions takes time, patience and energy. So decide if the relationship is worth investing your efforts. It is good to have positive relationships at your workplace. But not all relationships are of the same importance. While dealing with difficult interactions, one needs to consider how important your relationship with that person is! For instance, if it is one time project relationship, you may decide not to invest much time and energy on the same.


Your self-image comes from different assumptions you have made about yourself. For example, I am an effective leader. I care about employees. It is quite possible that you want to continue seeing yourself in these terms. We may even call it as our Ego. But then with this kind of mindset it becomes impossible for you to take any criticism or any negative feedback from others. Your response to such criticism may also cause spoil relations. Herein you need to accept the fact and acknowledge the fact that everyone has imperfections. Everyone makes mistake and it is ok to make a mistake. You are not an exception too! Thus interactions become more difficult if you are bound by a particular kind of self image. Considering other person’s point of view without any biased listening or prejudice is the key to accept the differences of opinion gracefully and positively.

More Listening than talking

The easiest solution to offer for the difficult interactions is to do more listening than talking. Active listening with intention to understand is nothing but respecting other person’s point of view. It does not mean that you need to agree with the other person. But listening will help you have the doors of communication open for you. Know-it-all approach will surely not help you get the desired outcomes from interactions.

Last but not the least, managing your emotions will help you have a control over the situation. You can handle it better.
“I always prefer to believe the best in everybody – it saves so much time” Rudyard Kipling. Believe that handling difficult interactions is manageable will give you the right foot to start off on.

June 13, 2020

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