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Piping Engineering & Design

Static Stress Analysis

Static Stress Analysis complying international codes and standards viz. ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, AS-2885, ISO14692. Analysis of critical systems like Column re-boiler, Air Fin Coolers, Pumps, Turbine, Compressors, Heaters, Jacked Piping etc.

Dynamic Stress Analysis

Transient Analysis viz. Modal Analysis, Time History, Response Spectrum, Harmonic Analysis. Solution to Surge (Water hammer), Slug (two phase flow) , Seismic force, Relief Valve discharge to solve various site trouble shooting problems or future problems. The anlysis simulates and speculates the pipe behaviour and helps mitigating the vibration problems.

GRE Pipe Stress Analysis

Use of GRE / FRP pipe is increasing rapidly for most of the existing and new pipelines with corrosive services, acidic service. GRE / FRP pipe behaviour is not similar to metallic pipe and hence experienced engineer is required to analyze GRE pipes. We perform GRE Pipe thickness calculations, analysis as per ISO 14692, UKOOA. Checking of analysis performed by vendor etc. Also support of GRE pipe to be designed using FEA. We provide complete GRE/ FRP pipe engineering.

Flow Induced Vibrations

One of the most ignored aspect in pipe stress analysis during FEED or detailed engineering. Flow Induced Vibration problems are observed in High velocity, High pressure discharge systems. We perform generic calculations as well as Dynamic analysis as per Energy Institute Guidelines. We also provide solutiosn like Rubber isolators, dampers, springs to isolate or mitigate vibrations. In case of critical analysis Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) approach is adapted.

Composite Analysis

A Pipe and Structure together analysis to get actual stiffness and response to the static and dynamic loads. Composite analysis is more realistic in evaluating vibration problems near to rotating equipment like turbine, compressors, pumps.

Off-shore / FPSO Pipe Stress Analysis

Stress Analysis of Piping running on off-shore platforms, bridges & FPSO piping where various permuations and combinitions of two different structure is required to be analyzed. Also analysis of Blast loads, vortex shading, wind, wave, fatigue analysis etc. needs to be carefully analyzed.

PMC / Owner’s Engineer

Checking, commenting and approving documents and drawing after a thorough technical check on behalf of Client. We have experts in Pipe Stress Analysis, FEA, CFD.