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  • Piping Engineering
    Static Stress Analysis
    Static Stress Analysis complying international codes and standards viz. ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, AS-2885, ISO14692. Analysis of critical systems like Column re-boiler, Air Fin Coolers, Pumps, Turbine, Compressors, Heaters, Jacked Piping etc.
    Dynamic Stress Analysis
    Transient Analysis viz. Modal Analysis, Time History, Response Spectrum, Harmonic Analysis. Solution to Surge, Slug, Water hammer, Seismic force, Relief Valve discharge.
    Finite Element Analysis
    Transient Analysis viz. Modal Analysis, Time History, Response Spectrum, Harmonic Analysis. Solution to Surge, Slug, Water hammer, Seismic force, Relief Valve discharge.Local stress analysis of Shell Nozzle junctions for Storage Tanks and Pressure Vessels, Pipe attachments, Support design, Stress Intensification Factor calculations etc.
    GRE Pipe Stress Analysis
    GRE Pipe thickness calculations, analysis as per ISO 14692, UKOOA. Checking of analysis performed by vendor
    Acoustic & Flow Induced Vibrations
    Acoustic or Flow Induced Vibrations in High velocity, High pressure discharge systems per Energy Institute Guidelines.
    Composite Analysis
    A Pipe and Structure together analysis to get actual stiffness and response to the static and dynamic loads.
    Off-shore Pipe Stress Analysis
    Stress Analysis of Piping running on off-shore platforms and bridges with relative displacements
    Forensic Engineering
    Real Life site problems especially related to Pipe Vibrations, support malfunction or cracks
    Support Design
    Special support design which falls out of Standard support
    PMC / Owner’s Engineer
    Checking, commenting and approving documents and drawing after a thorough technical check on behalf of Client
    Site Troubleshooting
    Provide solution to Site operation problems especially pipe vibrations or mechanical failures.
  • Piping Design
    Plot Plan Development
    Plot Plan development by 40+ year experienced engineer
    Detail Piping Layout
    Preparing Piping Study, General Arrangement drawings, section views, isometrics, supporting etc.
    Preparing MTO
    Preparing new MTO, converting hard copy MTO to soft copy
    GRPreparing new MTO, converting hard copy MTO to soft copyE Pipe Stress Analysis
    GRE Pipe thickness calculations, analysis as per ISO 14692, UKOOA. Checking of analysis performed by vendor
    Piping Drafting
    Drafting of isometrics, layouts, as built changes, support drawings etc.
  • Pipeline Engineering
    Pipeline Calculations
    Engineering calculations like Pipe wall thickness, Road crossing, Upheaval buckling, buoyancy, Penetration, radiation contour etc.
    Engineering Drawings
    Pipeline Alignment Sheets, Station Approach Drawings, Piping Layouts, Isometrics, Typical Pipeline Drawings, Site Specific Crossing Drawings, Plot Plans, Tie in Drawings
    Engineering Documents
    Material specifications, Requisitions, Data sheets, Technical bid evaluations, Vendor drawing review, Construction specification, Pipeline related philosophies & studies like Pigging Philosophy, Shut Down Philosophy etc.
    Schedules and MTO
    Crossing Schedules, Tie in schedules, MTO etc.
  • Process Engineering
    Process Engineering Design
    Basic and Detail Engineering activities like Process simulation, Heat and Mass balance, PFDs, P&IDs, Equipment design and datasheets, Instrument datasheet, Control philosophy, Cause and Effect diagram
    Process & Utility equipment design
    Basic and Detail Engineering activities: Utility Summary, UFD, Equipment Design and Datasheets
    Process Plant Upgradation
    Basic and Detail engineering of Revamp / Brown field projects
    Hazop Study
    Hazop study of overall plant and packages
  • Civil Engineering
    Foundation Design
    Foundation calculations and drawings for Pipe supports and equipment foundations
    Super Structure
    Structure calculations and drawings.
    Special Support Design
    Calculations and drawings of special supports which fall out of standard supports due to dimensions or loading.
  • Mechanical Engineering
    Design / Mechanical Data Sheets
    Design / Mechanical data sheets for Storage Tanks, Exchangers, Vessels etc.
    Vendor Document Review
    Checking of engineering documents, calculations and drawings on behalf of Owner, Operating company.
    Equipment G.A./ Fabrication Drawings
    Detailed fabrication drawings with welding details, code compliance.
    Finite Element Analysis
    Local stress analysis of Shell Nozzle Junction, shell and supports, attachment to shell and nozzle flexibility etc.
We 'value' our clients by providing Ethical, Economical, Effective and Efficient engineering solutions. We believe in continuous improvement and aspire to build long term relation with them.
PROTTON ENGINEERING is a specialized engineering consultancy firm providing total engineering and design solutions in the field of Process & Petrochemical Industry. Our focused, pragmatic and resourceful team ensures that we enable our clients to achieve their targets and aspirations.
PROTTON ENGINEERING is a fast growing and rising company in the dynamic field of Piping Technology. We are specialized in Design and Engineering (Static and Dynamic Stress analysis) of Piping and Pipeline Projects. We are a team of experienced Piping, Process and Civil Engineers. In addition, we also have a bank of expert engineers with PH.Ds to tap into for any advanced and critical subject matter expertise. We ensure that resources are optimally utilized at every stage of our process by providing client with best value for their investment.
Why Protton Engineering
  • Highly experienced team with outstanding career graphs and exposure to international projects.
  • Client focused and value adding approach
  • Attention to detail and strong project management
  • Excellent problem solving skills.
  • Health & Safety and Environment factors incorporated in design
  • Globally recognized engineers with academic and industry credentials through white paper publications and awards
  • Team with proficiency and knowledge of codes, standards and their application in the design
  • Competitive prices to suit client’s budgets
  • Delivery with quality on time